Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Membership Club & What Do I Get For My Membership Fee?
The membership club gives you access to the members area and the service the club provides. This includes access to our forum that has only Get More club members in it so you can work and network with other qualified buyers. It includes special promotional codes and offers including 25% more on ad purchases at my sites when purchased via the club, our branding showcase ads to show others you are a serious marketer and also our AdRectangle ads which show your banner all over the net.

How Do I Join The Club?
Simply signup and pay your one time $10 membership fee then you get instant access to the members area and all the club benefits.

How Do I Get The Bonus Included Ads/Views/Sends Etc That It Says Comes With The Get More Membership Fee
Inside the club website you will find the Codes & Offers page, Simply grab the promo/surf code for each site and enter it in the Promo Code or Surf Code page at each corresponding site and your ads will be added at the sites.

What Are Showcase Ads?
You will see at all our sites at the top inside the members area a long banner image which reads "Some Get More Members Ads" next to the text is 4 random members photos. Anyone can click on them and it opens up a page that shows the members photo and a site that they promote. This is a great way to be seen as a Get More Member that is serious about their time online and also promote your own sites or services to curious members. People always want to know more about people and what they recommend.

Can I Promote My Sites In The Forum?
The forum has a section to introduce yourself, you can in there mention what you promote etc, and an area to suggest good sites to other members but the main part of the forum is to ask questions and help each other. If a member asks about something and your site can solve the issue then by all means mention it, but don't spam with non relevant things, remember we all work together and help each other, you want to be know as someone that helps not someone that spams..

I Have Forgot My Password?
You can request your password or password change by using the forgot password page. Linked from the login page. Your passwords are encrypted so we are unable to give it to you so if the system mail does not find its way to you then you can request by support ticket that we reset it to one of our choice and you can change it when logging in.

I Am Not Getting Emails / Verification Emails From Get More Marketing Club?
You can use the resend page. Link to this can also be found on the login page. This will resend the email confirmation link to you. Sadly all our system can do is send out the link. If you do not get it then it will be down to your email service provider blocking our emails. You can whitelist us Click here for instructions as this normally solves it. If after whitelisting you still do not get emails from us then you will need to use a different email.

How Much Is It To Join?
The Get More Marketing Club has a one time membership fee of $10.

How Can I Contact You For Support?
We are easily reachable using our support ticket system. See the support link in the page footers and also in the members menu. We aim to get back to you ASAP normally within 12 hours.

I Can't Work The Site. Can I Get A Refund?
The site is pretty easy to use as long as you read the pages. All instructions are on the sites main members area page and again on the actual individual pages. We are a club of people working together to Get More online so if you really cant do it yourself then do not worry, Send us a support ticket and we can explain it to you. As we are an exclusive club as per terms and conditions there is a no refund policy as you are paying for access via a membership fee.

Can I Earn Money With Your Site?
No as we are only a membership club. You can however use the advertising that you get from your bonus codes and offers at our service sites to promote your own sites or affiliate links that may in turn make you money but this is separate from the club and your sites must generate the money. We are not a income opportunity or investment site, business op or anything like that.

How Can I Cancel My Account If I Do Not Like It?
Inside you can simply click on your profile/details page found in the members menu and you will find a delete account button. This will instantly remove your account and stop all emails from us. Please note this action is final we do not hold any information after you delete your account so we are unable to get your account back.